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Thank you for checking out my video transcriptions. If you are interested in the pdfs of these transcriptions please keep reading

 1. I transcribe and learn tunes from records.  I have tried to make these transcriptions as accurate as I could, but some can be tricky to notate accurately (rubato passages for instance)... which is why I recommend  to use those files as a guide/ help, and refer to the original recording as much as possible. This material is simply meant to add a visual aspect to an excerpt from a record (fingerings, transcription ...) but it should not replace the original recording. 

2. If  you are interested in having a more detailed, "note by note", breakdown of these transcriptions, or if you have more questions about the theory behind it or about learning guitar in general, I would be happy to answer to all these through online lessons. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more about that. Also, if you found these useful or if you have suggestions feel free to reach out to me through email/ social medias etc ...

3. If you would like to keep track of the content and bring a little support , follow me at the following places : 




The material below helped me grow as a musician and taught me a great deal about the jazz idiom, the guitar, and music in general, and I hope  this will help you too, for your own personal musical growth.



Transcriptions ...

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Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Transcription)

George Benson - Rare Recording (Solo Guitar)

Nuages (Transcription)

Django Reinhardt - Rare Recording (Solo Guitar)

Over the Rainbow (Transcription)

Kenny Burrell - In a Mellow Tone (Solo Guitar)

Angel Eyes (Transcription)

Wes Montgomery - So Much Guitar!

Groovin' High (Transcription)

Kenny Burrell - In a Mellow Tone

Funk Transcriptions (1-3)

Sly & The Family Stone/ Ohio Players/ Kool & The Gang

Funk Transcriptions (4-5)

Rufus & Chaka Khan/ Chic

Funk Transcriptions (6-8)

Parliament/ Lenny Kravitz/ James Brown

Funk Transcriptions (9-11)

Oreo Blue-BuddyMiles/ Earth, Wind & Fire/ Isley Brothers